The Making of IronMan

Good Day Fellas! This is just the time I was able to attend to my blog as I am hooked up with some work stuff that I need to finish. It’s been really a tiring month but I was able to finish some digital artworks. Today I’ll be showing you how I created IRONMAN based


Wacom Intuos5 Touch – Hands On

Good Day fellas! It’s been a while since I posted here on my blog. Actually I’m really busy working and training new skills sets that I can share here. Well, today I’m going to share my Wacom Intuos 5 Touch. A medium pen tablet that really amaze me. This is actually the first time I’m


The Epic “Keyboard Not Found: Please Press F1″

Hi everyone! Today I want to share my experience yesterday with my colleague. I’m trying to fix two of my desktop  that I’m not using for about a month now. My friend Lhim  called me and then we decided to buy some parts for the computer. At first, I’ve tried to fix and figure out


Dragon Ball Z – TRUNKS

Hi there fellas! It’s time for my new post. Actually I’ve posted this artwork on my previous post but now I wanted to share it individually. I’ve refined this photo in Photoshop to make it look cleaner than it was. As you know old paper turns to yellowish. So here’s my artwork. I’m really a


Artwork BeyBlade – LEI

Hi there everyone, Today I’ll be sharing my artwork of LEI from BeyBlade series. I actually like the all the characters here especially KAI but then I decided to post this first because this what my mom was able to keep for me. Please bear with this artwork because I was just 12 that time.

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IronMan by AmirEmon
The IronMan

Yippeee, IronMan is done. My very first “going realistic” digital art using my Wacom tablet. I got this tut from

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  • The Making of IronMan

    Good Day Fellas! This is just the time I was able to attend to my blog as…

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