Welcome to My Blog! I am Amir Emon.

20th June 2012

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Thanks for dropping by on my website. I’m Amir Emon I’ve created this website to share stuffs that I enjoy working on, my hobbies, my interests and anything I encounter everyday. This website will mainly be for my portfolio and tuts stuff. I’ll post tutorials, articles, tips and tricks to help you become a better leader, developer and designer as I am right now. Basically anything that I want to post about web development, web designs, tech updates and computer related topics either online or offline.

I hope you will enjoy what you’ll see here, especially in my Portfolio here. If you care to donate to help me improve my website, there will be PayPal icons all around the site forcing you to donate (hahaha.. just kiddin’) :-) . You can get in touch with me on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, DeviantArt (actually I’m still setting this up), Skype and email on my Contact page.

I can’t think of anything to say right now so this is it. Just take a look a round and feel free to give me your comments. If you don’t like what you see here, I don’t really mind. LoL! I’ll post what I want and what I like to share. Cheers! :-)

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